December 10, 2018

Nvidia GTX 1050-ti : Competition for AMD?

By: Compfreak(OD)

GTX1050-ti vs. rx460
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Imagine this: You purchased a ready-built PC more than a few years ago, and are looking at what you can do to get those FPS and graphics up to par at 1080p (1920×1080 resolution). Do you go with Nvidia or AMD?

To answer this, there are many aspects to consider: Can my power supply support a modern graphics card (that needs extra power connections to the gpu)? Is my case big enough to be able to put a newer gpu inside it? What kind of budget am I working with?

Nvidia seems to have come up with a product that, in my personal opinion, is perfectly priced and has the performance for those who want to game at 1080p resolutions, but have limited budgets and limited space / power capabilities: The Nvidia GTX 1050-ti.

Boasting 4 gb of GDDR5 memory, 768 Cuda cores, clock speeds of 1290mhz / 1392 mhz boost, and power consumption of a mere 75 watts, the Nvidia 1050-ti is able to power through most of the newest games at 1080p resolutions, around 60 fps, mostly at high settings (with some games requiring to drop to medium settings), all for around $140 USD.

Most would expect that for this kind of performance, they wouldn’t have the room inside their case, or a power supply that has the extra pci power connectors available to be able to get this performance…Well, Nvidia thought about this and designed the 1050-ti with that in mind. Using a 2-slot design, and coming in at a mere 5.7″ x 4.3″ , and it doesn’t require any extra power sources other than attaching the card to the motherboard!

As for comparing this card to AMD’s newest rx400 series of graphics card offerings, the price-point sits right in between the rx460 (at $99 usd) and the rx470 (at $180 usd), as does the performance, but uses much less power, allowing the 1050-ti to shed its power cable leashes. It seems that Nvidia is “attacking” its competition in the power efficiency category, and is leaving AMD in the dust with their latest offerings.

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