December 10, 2018

Member Behind the Mic #5 with Showtime(OD)

By Xayj(OD) ft. Showtime(OD)

From the Community:

1. a time when one had to overcome a fear

Well, I guess you guys are going to learn a lot about me real quick:

Quitting Opiate pain medication.

This was a very rough time in my life, I suffered a pretty bad injury when I was young, and became dependent on daily medication, quitting was a long, hard process, so I guess thats probably about the worst thing I’ve faced.

2.a time of facing adversity


3. a time of pride

^ (when i started to feel better)

1.If there is one change you would like to see in OD, what would you like it to be?

Well, I hope this opinion doesn’t distance me from anyone, because I totally understand why OD has been around so long, and that my feelings may go against this; but possibly testing a little bit more for knowledge of the games we are recruiting on.


1.What is your most memorable time with Overdosed? gaming and or personally

There was one time where a member named Shady(OD) photoshopped a picture of me (i was much younger) with a pimp stick and a purple leapord print hat/suit, it was great, and I wish i had it still.

Also, the OD:CS Server was alot of fun, I was a complete noob at the time, but I had so much fun gaming with OD in Counterstrike (1.6 or source i cant remember)

2.Where do you see yourself in the future with the clan?

I love to play video games, when my life permits the time.

Currently I am working sports events (A’s, Raiders, Warrior’s) and I get alot of free time because the job is somewhat seasonal, so that being said, its looking good, as for my future, I’m not sure what will happen in the future, but hopefully I can help the community in some way.

3.Do you see any biased in the clan? if so how would you fix it?

I dont know, I dont think I’ve been around long enough time to have an opinion on this subject.


What started you to be a gamer?

My cousin Munir, actually playing D2, got me into video games, Diablo 2 was my first game, and still my favorite.

How did you become a member of clan OD

I was a lil noob on SC:BW and saw some people doing racewars and asked to join Smile there was no trial process at this time, and promotions were done manually by higher ranked members.

Why did you come back to clan OD this time and do you plan
on staying?

Any time i pick back up an old game, I always check to see how OD is doing, and if i feel i am able to contribute/stay active, i ask for a spot. Hari was there to see me come back when I did, so it was an easy decision. Yes I plan on staying, hopefully make some new friends, sadly most of mine are now long gone Sad. The history page definitely takes me back though, its weird to read it on a website.

In the past you had an issue with your DSL. Can you tell us why you had such an issue keeping your DSL?

The only reasons ive ever left OD was because life made it to where I wasn’t able to stay active, and it was never a conscious choice to leave, so i never had a chance to resign. Eventually my account would dsl until disabled.

What was the highest rank you achieved in your tenure as a member of the community and how did you get there?

Colonel? It was a very long time ago, back then things were very different and I worked my way up being active on forums and in game.

What division did you participate in during your time here that you enjoyed the most?

Diablo 2 West Elite Hardcore Division

Always a tight nit group of people, from then till now.

Also loved Warcraft 3, probably my second favorite game.

I used to play west though, when OD was on west.

Do you plan on attempting to climb the ranks again this time around?

We will see if I am able to contribute, yes i would like to, but as i said I am very much a gamer at heart and when I have the time i am always playing, as Xayj know’s, he had to hunt me down for this interview. Sorry about that buddy 😉

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  1. Showtime! Long time no see pal, glad to have you back and i think because we are from the same era of OD we see eye to eye on many things overdosed. Check out my interview with xayj and let me know if you would like to help out.

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