December 10, 2018

The Member Behind the Mic #2 with R.agnarok(OD)

By Xayj(OD) Ft. R.agnarok(OD)

Questions From The Community

A time when you had to overcome a fear

I think the only fear I have experienced is when our member’s count decreases. The life of the clan purely depends on our community, and it has a domino effect when numbers start decreasing. Recruiting becomes harder and harder by the day, and we always need to pay special attention to it.

A time you faced adversity

Adversity is all I have faced in this clan. With every decision, every change, problem, discussion, etc etc. When there are many people working on the same project, it becomes more and more difficult to keep everyone in the same page, but at the same time is what I have enjoyed most in this clan.

 A time of pride

Pride comes when people actually get more involved in the clan with a change, or when numbers start to grow when things are going the right way. One of the things you have to learn when you get to the top ranks is that you can no longer expect recognition, prizes or anything of the sort, your joy has to be based on the effect you cause to improve the community, otherwise you will get discouraged.

If there is one change you would like to see in OD, what would you like it to be?

Full transparency, people are made from their past, either good or bad actions. My belief is that people need to learn how to be proud of both. It will make stronger leaders and people will stop trying to be perfect. It’s not an easy task, but I see plenty rewards from it.

What is your most memorable time with Overdosed? gaming and or personally

I used to love playing racewars when Chobo was around, quiet guy yet very fun to play with, with accurate funny comments now and then. This clan has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and to expand my horizons. I remember when I initially joined my English was pretty poor and had a hard time trying to communicate. I also remember the day I made it to Commander even when I had a lot of disputes with the current ones, yet they all agreed upon it. It taught me to keep personal issues away from the decisions you make.

Where do you see yourself in the future with the clan?

I’m probably never going to leave this clan, I have been here for almost 13 years and I don’t see my will to stay ever changing. I value this clan for the community it has, and what it has taught me, now I only wish I can make it the same nice experience for the many people to come and go.

Do you see any biased in the clan? if so how would you fix it?

I’m not the kind that tries to fix “biased” opinions or decisions, everything has a reason to be. I like to approach it by understanding them and getting to a middle ground. They key to having a good team is to actually like the team, and promote a good relationship within. Everything starts working nicely when people are facing the same direction and enjoying what they do. That is my way of fixing it.

What started you to be a gamer?

I always liked strategy games, my first game to play was Starcraft. I instantly fell in love with it. I like competition, and if it comes with a nice community and a way to meet people while on it, even the better.

How did you become a member of clan OD

Before joining, I used to change teams every week or so, nothing really interested me and the people on them even less. Then one day I say OD’s channel and joined and gave it a try. The trial system and getting votes was what caught my attention, the system worked perfectly to praise someone, and reading the comments people put for the votes, and for every promotion was spectacular. It was a unique system, and it had unique people devoted to it. Once I joined, from the very first week, I knew my search was over and I have been enjoying it ever since.

Do you see yourself leaving OD anytime soon? If so, how do you plan on leaving?

Not at all, you guys won’t be that lucky, you will ever be stuck with a Mexican Commander =p.

Would you considering coming back into the forefront of the clan instead of remaining in the shadow?

If it was up to me, I would work full time for the clan, but I hardly have time for anything clan related anymore, still I’m always on AIM and available to those that care and want to have a chat about anything. Those that have made an attempt know that I will give them my full attention, so if you are reading this, give it a try someday.

Do you miss being more than just a wallflower commander?

Well, people still come to me for an advice, and to be honest, watching how the work you have put and the organization running smoothly is even better than doing things yourself. There had been many years which I was the only active Commander and it was quite troublesome and time consuming. I am here because the community, and as long as they have a good time, then I’m not really needed. But of course I would step in if there was a need, like I usually have done in the past.

Are there any members you pay special attention to? If so, Why?

Oh yes, the problematic ones, everyone that has been demoted more than once probably knows me. People that been here long enough know that I like controversy and a different approach to people like that. To be order, there has to be disorder, and people usually look after the good ones, and punish the bad ones, I like to pay special attention to the bad ones to overcome that.

If you did come back, would you lead a division? If so, what game would it be?

Well, right now I haven’t really found any fun games, I currently play Dota2 with Townkill(OD), yet I’m always searching for a good MMORPG that I can find some fun with. I hope someday they will make a game that I can enjoy.

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  1. Another fantastic interview. Its fascinating as a member to see a bit more into the minds of our commanders these interviews are quite enjoyable I hope you keep em coming Xayj. Great work!

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